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Precision radiopharmaceuticals for cancer treatment


Precision radio­pharma­ceuticals

PRECIRIX® is a private biotechnology company dedicated to extending and improving the lives of cancer patients by designing and developing precision radiopharmaceuticals, using camelid single-domain antibodies (sdAb) labeled with radioisotopes. CAM-H2, a HER2-directed sdAb combined with iodine-131 recently completed a Phase I clinical study. The company’s Fibroblast Activation Protein (FAP)-targeting program is transitioning into the clinic. Research on multiple isotopes, linker technology and combination therapies further expand the platform. Precirix’ technology allows for a theranostic approach, where patients can be selected using an imaging version of the product, followed by a therapeutic dose for treatment.

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At Precirix we care about people. We strive to improve the lives of cancer patients by developing novel radiopharmaceuticals that address unmet medical needs. We bring together a unique and varied set of talents to accomplish this goal. If you are interested in joining our multidisciplinary team, look into our vacancies or send your spontaneous application to jobs@precirix.com.


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Burgemeester Etienne Demunterlaan 3
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+32 2 479 93 60

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